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Our motel’s beautiful two-storey sandstone structure was originally the barn of John Warby’s 260-acre property.

John Warby was a convict explorer transported to Sydney in February 1792. After his 7-year sentence expired in 1803, Warby acquired 50 acres in Prospect and was appointed as the official government herdsman for the ‘Cowpastures District’. He later acted as Governor Macquarie’s guide through the Cowpastures in 1810, and again in 1815.

In 1816 Warby was granted 260 acres in Campbelltown where he built his house – a barn and stables.

By 1826 John Warby had built a house, granary, barn, stables, storeroom and a hut for assigned labourers. It is believed the barn and stables were once converted for use as dwellings while the out buildings were demolished in the 1960s.

John Warby died in his home on 12 June 1851. His wife, Sarah lived until 19 October 1869. Following Warbys’ deaths, there were 11 surviving children.

Today the “barn” is used as Colonial Motor Inn’s reception and conference room.

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